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Кто из грандов еще производит стальные рамы?

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Hi Alex

Yes - very possible. The weight depends on the type of tube you choose.

For an entry level (commuter, training, etc) we normally use Columbus "Thron", which, for a frameset for yourself, would be around 1.9kg (including steel "Thron" fork).

Otherwise, for competition frames, going step by step up in low-weight, price and delicacy, we do Columbus "Zona" (1.7kg), "Life" (1.45kg) and "Spirit" (1.35kg) ...these weights are obviously indicative and include a Columbus "Thron" fork, but you can also opt for a carbon-fibre fork (Columbus Carve), in order to keep the weight down further.
Weights of the frames without fork:
• Zona: 1.4 kg
• Life: 1.2 kg
• Spirit: 1.0 kg
(the above weights are indicative for a 8-tubes frame, 54cm size, without lugs).

I attach a technical specifications PDF, with some info about the above Columbus Tubing.

Let me know if you have any further question...

Kind regards
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