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04.08.2016, 13:20
Straitline Vertical Wedge stem 25.4mm PINK 55mm

Straitline Verticle Wedge Stem — Streamlined, Knee Friendly Design. 888 compatibility via underside bolts *minimum 1.3/8 steer* Our new vertical wedge clamp stems use a unique clamping method to attach to the steer tube for disgusting amounts of clamping force. Designed for the ever growing long travel forks and those who test their limits. The patent applied design can provide many times the clamping force of traditional split clamp designs, shaving weight and setting another standard. There is plenty of room for design improvements in this industry, and we will bring it to you without any hype.Lightweight radical appearance with new clamping standards Simplistic design provides an unparallel clamping force Will not crush a steer tube at max clamping force Vertical wedge clamp maintains constant equal contact, 360 degrees around the steer tube Motocross inspired method of bar clamping starting with the top two then torquing the bottom

Weight 235g
Color Options Bright pink
Rise 10*
Mounting Type Steer tube
Steer Tube Size 1 1/8
Reach options 55mm
Clamp diameter 25.4mm

1700 Москва.

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