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Продам амортизатор:
FOX Factory FLOAT CTD BoostValve Kashima Coated


216х63mm(8.50 x 2.50 inch)

Rebound - L
Velocity - M
Boostvalve - 175 сделан тюн до 250, для более жесткой платформы.

--lever actuated Climb/Trail/Descend (3 position)
--Trail adjust range (1, 2, 3)
--air spring pressure


Kashima Coat: Buttery-smooth, Genuine Kashima Coat's distinctive gold color is backed by its high performance attributes — properties that provide an exceptionally smooth feel and extreme durability.

Boost Valve: Unrivaled square edge, bump performance. Our patented Boost Valve technology has a lot going in its tight little package. Simply put, Boost Valve provides a feeling of endless travel and plushness like that of a downhill rig, but with with XC pedaling efficiency.

CTD: Climb. Trail. Descend. CTD is our integrated ride dynamics system that makes it easy to set up your fork and shock to work together for unprecedented performance in all types of terrain. It's intuitive to use and can be instantly activated while riding.
Just select one of three modes — Climb, Trail, or Descend — via a single remote lever or individual component levers.

FLOAT Air Spring: Our ultimate goal with the FLOAT air spring is to mimic the linear curve of a coil spring. The secret to achieving near-perfect linear spring curves, while maintaining bottom-out resistance in each travel setting, is focusing on both ends of the shox travel path.

Состояние идеальное, после ТО. Все регулировки работают адекватно, по работе нареканий нет. Небольшие потертости наклеек видны на фото.
Полимерные башинги в комплекте, могу поставить стальные c тефлоном под обычные втулки.
К амортизатору имеется комплект проставок для уменьшения объема воздушной камеры.

Амортизатор в Калининграде, перешлю.

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