Просмотр полной версии : Почти глупые вопросы про спорт

El Coyote
01.04.2015, 15:25
Возникло несколько (точнее много) вопросов, но они сводятся к одному основному - кто (какое учреждение, должностное лицо) уполномочен заполнять и подавать заявки для участия спортсменов (не важно - индивидуал или сборник) в крупных международных соревнованиях?

Зарубежные орги ссылаются на правила:

National Federations shall confirm their participation by
means of an enrolment form no later than three weeks before
the first race of the World Cup. At the time of registration, up
to six substitutes can be added on the team for all classes
combined. This confirmation shall mention the number of
persons making up each delegation, registration of riders in
each race as well as their sport class, accommodation used
during the event, full coordinates of the team responsible and
each athlete’s time of arrival.
After the registration deadline (3 weeks before the world
cup), late registrations may be accepted no later than 10
days prior to the start of the competition, and in exceptional
circumstances only. In the event of late registration, a
payment of CHF 100.- per rider per day late is due. After this
deadline, no late registration will be accepted any more.
Starters must be confirmed in each sport class during the
official confirmation time as announced in the technical
programme of the event.
A single representative for each National Federation shall
proceed to confirm the starters for all the athletes of that
nation, whether they are participating through the national
team, as individuals or for any other team under the
recommendation of the National Federation.
Last minute changes can only be done under medical
certificate 24 hours before the start of its race.

За рубежом практикуются он-лайн регистрация, а у нас что-то подобное есть?

Ответ типа "Все делает тренер" не катит, т.к. у меня нет тренера...