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17.10.2012, 20:10
Продам гидравлические карбоновые тормоза Magura , перед/зад, с роторами 160. Сняты с почти нового велосипеда, пробег 20км. Состояние новых.
Гидролинии 1360/740. Вес - 180г(одна сторона без ротора). В комплекте магуровские роторы 160.

Описание http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=70159

Цена 15т.р.

05.11.2012, 11:58
карбоновые тормоза

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08.02.2013, 12:19

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06.03.2013, 21:13
Magura informed about a recall for the Brakes Magura MT6. and MT8.

This replacement only applies to a limited number of MT6 and MT8 brakes which can be identified
by a production number visible on the brake caliper.

All MT6 and MT8 brakes with serial numbers up to 20531 are subject to this replacement action
and could potentially be affected. All MT6 and MT8 brakes without a serial number on the calliper
could also potentially be affected and will be replaced.


MT6/8 brakes with serial numbers higher than 20601are not affected.
All other MT series brakes (MT4, MT2, MTC, MTS and MT Custom) are also not affected

Please register your brake on the Magura Homepage:

Only for Bike-components.de customers:
If your brake has a concerned serial number, you have to send it back to our shop.
Please return the broken article at your expenses, including a copy of the invoice and a note a recall
we will reimburse your shipping costs. Please use the cheapest shipping costs.

Also mention your IBAN and SWIFT code. We will try to handle everything here at our store.
Nevertheless, if that is not possible, we will have to forward the article to the manufacturer's.
In that case we will contact you again. If you have any further enquiries please contact retour@bike-components.de

For the circumstances Magura offers a new set of brake pads.

Please use the following delivery address:

Eilendorfer Str. 215
52078 Aachen

07.03.2013, 01:30
Я так понимаю бракованные тормоза попали в продажу ?